Customized contracts

With our experience we cover all the needs asked for by our customers; therefore, Itac Trasporti represents a perfect solution for integrated works through Global services contracts.

Our company, with its twenty years’ experience, gets the relevant Know How and the best tools in order to reply optimally to the needs of its customers, providing tailored services and ensuring:

  • cost reduction;
  • improvement management and rapid adaptation to technological change and laws requirements;
  • rational organization of all provided services non-strategic for the customer;
  • grouping of all services into a single contract in order to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Management solutions

Itac Trasporti has a workforce in various fields of competence; we ensures greater flexibility in the services but a containment of costs, that is to say most competitive prices.

Cooperation and direct relationship with customers are the strong point of our company that is able to supply practical, concrete and customized solutions about service management:

  • goods handling into the relevant structures;
  • scheduled and extraordinary maintenance of structures and areas where various processes are elaborated;
  • innovative technologies are applied on various installations, implementing energy saving;
  • logistic facilities renting;
  • structure’s adaptation to the customer’s needs;
  • design and development of industrial areas.